“Manufacturing Unscripted” Podcast Appearance

Catch an enlightening episode on “Manufacturing Unscripted” where the spotlight’s on Mit Vyas, the Managing Director of Gemba Automation.

In this episode, learn about Gemba Automation’s transformative journey in the manufacturing industry. They’re not just a business; they’re a movement, leading with innovative solutions and groundbreaking technologies. Mit delves into the core ethos of Gemba, showcasing how they boost operations and set new standards for industry efficiency.

But there’s more. The hosts, along with Mit, journey into the world of lean manufacturing. Discover how this principle, focused on waste elimination and performance optimization, is sculpting the future of manufacturing, promising more for less.

Digital manufacturing also takes center stage. Mit sheds light on its evolution, emphasizing how blending digital prowess with traditional processes is not just the future—it’s the present.