Machine Shop Solutions

Large Lathe Components

Specializing in the precision machining of large-scale components, our state-of-the-art big lathe machines are your go-to solution for expertly crafted, oversized parts. We harness advanced lathe technology to transform bulky materials into meticulously engineered components, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

CNC Programming

We can enable your machine shop to create quality parts by implementing remote CNC programming. This G-Code allows less experienced shop workers to run equipment. Code is created using CAM software or from scratch.  

3D Modeling and 2D Drafting

We provide 3D modeling and 2D drafting services for any parts you need designed. Our team delivers the files in your chosen software format (Fusion 360, Solidworks, and Autodesk Inventor).  

Process Automation

Our team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers automates repetitive machine shop tasks. These include CNC loading, inventory management, and quality inspection.

Vibratory Tumbler

The Burrboy Vibratory Tumbler is used for deburring parts and shell casings. The unit has a rugged industrial design, an easy to install barrel, and a very competitive price.