for the Digital Age

At Gemba Automation we reduce waste in engineering and production by implementing lean manufacturing and utilizing technology

Engineering Services

Proficient in SolidWorks, AutoCAD, AutoDesk Inventor, and Fusion 360, our team of Mechanical Engineers are ready to provide low cost value added services. These services include: 3D modeling/2D drafting, design automation, and reverse engineering.

Manufacturing Automation

With rising costs and a depleting workforce, manufacturing in the US has its challenges. The only way to stay competitive is to reduce waste. We apply the Toyota Production System (TPS) combined with process automation to help you solve problems on the production floor.

Machine Shop Solutions

Expert in CNC programming & sourcing, we deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency for your manufacturing operations. Alongside, we provide vibratory tumblers for perfect finishing. Enhance your production quality and speed with our specialized services.

Company Experience