Lean Training

Lean Fundamentals:($295)

Master basic continuous improvement (CI) concepts and terms.

  • 3 Hour Course (2 Hour presentation + 1 Hour game)
  • Share your experiences with others in the class
  • Be able to identify and help eliminate waste in your processes
  • Understand how you can contribute to the “CI journey” in your department
  • Come away with thoughts and ideas that will make your work better, faster, and easier

Lean Problem Solving: ($295)

Learn the lean problem solving principles:

  • 3 hour training (2 hour presentation and 1 our activity)
  • 8 Step problem solving process that Toyota uses to find countermeasures
  • Learn the PDCA process and how to implement it in your business
  • Fill out an actual 8 Step problem solving A3 with example

Lean Visual Management ($995)

Manage your team through lean visual management principles: (8 Hour course)

  • Make everyone’s job easier
  • Give all associates a high degree of ownership in their work, and pride in their workplace
  • Increase communication by making information easier to understand
  • Improve company overall success 
  • Walk away with a visual management board and standard work

Lean Leadership ($995)

Guide your leadership team through the 4 phases of lean leadership: (total 8 hour course)

  • Phase 1 Set clear purpose, direction and measurable goals
  • Phase 2 Set up Standards
  • Phase 3 Make problems visible
  • Phase 4 Develop problem solvers to reach business goals
  • Walk away with a hoshin (strategy map) for your business